Couple of the month

Couple of the month
January 14, 2016 Creditcupid
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Couple of The Month

Have you and your partner learned that  “Good Credit is Sexy!” “Did it All Start With a Number?” here on Did Credit Cupid fix you up? We’d like to know! Share your story with us! Each month we will feature your story and pictures! If your chosen you’ll win a date on us! But wait, It gets better! Your story is entered to be our couple of the  YEAR! The winner gets a vacation for 2 or help for with your honeymoon from your friends,  Credit Cupid ™and CreditScoreDating.comWhere Good Credit is Sexy“™ “It All Starts With a Number“™  So send us your best “Selfie” or “Ussie” Tell us how you met and why good credit is sexy to you both in your relationship. Send your stories and photos to


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