Testimonials from members who have learned the sexiness of credit on creditscoredating.com


We'd love to sit and talk about how great we are and how great would be for you to join. Instead, here are some words from our members. 


I was skeptical of this site because of my low credit score. I assumed women wanted guys with a perfect score. However, I met the perfect lady who was in my same situation, a low credit score resulting from a divorce. We are now engaged with plans to wed in 2011……

- A. Johnston



This is the perfect online dating site to find someone who cares about being financially responsible. I’m back on here for the second time because my last encounter didn’t work out, but I love the daily interactions……

- S. Smithers



My girlfriend met her soulmate on this website, so I figured that I had nothing to lose. I didn’t take it seriously at first because of my experience on POF. The men on here are much more mature and have goals in life. I’d recommend this site to anyone single……

- V. McCauley



I usually avoid dating websites that charge fees, but it was hard to resist. I’ve been on a few dates until I met the one. We met a year ago on Creditscoredating. She is the perfect match…….

 - L. Anderson



My husband and I have been married for six months and just purchased our new home. Thank god for Creditscoredating. We were able to come together and build a solid foundation while being responsible with our finances……..

- W. Bauer



I laughed at the website, but decided to become a member. I have no regrets with this site because its user friendly and the men aren’t trying to get in bed with me…….

T. Ricci



I’m currently on Match.com and POF, but I must admit that Creditscoredating offers more value than these other sites……

- E. Caruso


I see these great reviews, but I don’t care for the site. The men are too old for me. I wanted someone young to build a relationship with. I just turned 22 and I’m not interested in someone ten years older than me…….

- R. Fischer



This concept is brilliant. My last marriage didn’t work because of financial issues. The women on this site, they get it…….

 - J. Hoffman



I’ve been debating between this and Match.com. Don’t be fooled, Match.com is definitely a hook-up site. I want the real thing and someone who is responsible with their money……..

 - J. O’Brien



Who thought of this? This is a genius idea. I wish there were more members in Europe, but I’ve met some amazing women in America. I’m thinking about relocating………..

- C. Klein



I’ve been married to my wife for two years. We got engaged a year after we met on Creditscoredating. We still have maintained our 700+ credit scores. Although we found true love, we still value our ability to manage our finances as a team…….

 - O. Peters



I’ve been raised to know all about money management. Therefore, I can’t date someone with a score below 650. It’s been my personal choice. I’m glad that I found a dating site that meets my needs…..

- M. Rodriguez



I thought this site was for people with perfect credit scores. I joined for free to see what this was all about. Within weeks, I became a member and told all of my friends. We now all have girlfriends that we met from this site. How funny is that…….

- K. Jones



I used to think online dating was taboo, but as a nurse, I don’t have the time to meet anyone because of my work shift. I met an amazing guy who has his stuff together. It feels good to not have to be the only responsible one in a relationship…….

- T. Wright



I grew up not knowing the importance of money. It wasn’t until my early twenties that I learned how to manage my credit. I’ve been looking for a mate who shares the same values. This dating site has allowed me to meet some incredible women…….

- R. Clarke



I remember seeing this on the Today Show a few years back. I never thought this would still be around. I decided to give it a go and I have been with my girlfriend for ten months strong. Her credit isn’t the best, but she is working hard to improve it…….

- E. Roberts



I’d like to see more advertisements about Creditscoredating. This is the best kept secret. I have been a member for two years off and on. I haven’t quite found the right one yet, but it’s definitely worth to keep trying to find my true love……

- D. Green


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