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Success Stories

Over the years we've received a lot of letters from our happy couples that we've successfully matched. We encourage you all to continue to send them in. Of course, while we certainly love hearing from you all, we can't publish all of them, but we will publish some of our absolute favorites.

Check back from time to time and read some of the amazing success stories that touched us.  As always feel free to send your own to

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My Story

by faisal

What initially started out as something to relieve a little boredom and to have some fun turned into one of the most beautiful experiences, one that I will carry with me forever... 
I have met a lot of people in my life on other matchmaking sites, and honestly thought that I would never meet the person who 'completes' almost accepts that this is your life and how it'll always be...and the very last thing that I would have thought of is love and credit. 

That was until I met the most amazing man on your site, it's still fairly new but I knew from the moment I saw his eyes, (the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen) that he would take me to a place I've longed to be and bring back my smile forgotten... and the idea of using relationship sites using credit scores was new to me also.

I now firm

ly believe that it's only after you stop looking for something, that it'll eventually find you?!? 

There aren't words to describe him really... he is someone/something you have to experience to understand... the most intense eyes, beautiful smile, personality like no other, the deepest of souls, a heart

 you can't help but love yet so mysterious that you keep coming back for more... he is my enigma!?! 

Where this road leads, one can't be sure but I know in my heart that it's been worthwhile as my life has been enriched just by knowing him... 

In the old end... I'll always be able to look back and smile... 

Thank you CreditScoreDating and Credit Cupid!


In each other's arms this Christmas!

by Zehta

Met Pietro on CreditScoreDating almost a year ago. He kept asking for a date but I kept putting him off because I thought his profile was too good to be true. I had been a member of some of the supposedly top ranked dating sites and found that the people that I did meet were not very reliable, honest or trustworthy.  I finally agreed to meet up in October of this year and we hit it off straight away. We have seen each other every weekend since then. 


He has met all my friends and my work colleagues and they think he is great too!!! We attended my works christmas dinner last Saturday and he made me feel so special and relaxed. 


Never thought I would meet someone so compatible and lovely using personals with credit scores.  Pietro, I love you. Thank you CreditScoreDating for bringing us together! Have a great christmas and a happy new year! I know we will because we will be in each others arms.xxxxxx

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