An important food fish. 15. Roe is marketed as a salted product in the Visayas (Ref. In range Ref. 9843,81207). 27799). May have played a part in the extinction of cyprinids in Lake Lanao, Mindanao (Ref. 109918). Reported from Laguna de Bay, Luzon; Panay; Mindoro; Negros Oriental; Busuanga; Mindanao (Ref. 7306, 12548). Recorded in Tañon Strait (Ref. 109918). 559. Tropical silverside (English), Gono (Tagalog), Gono (Bikol), Gono (Cebuano), Gunuh (Chavacano), Guno (Davawenyo), Dagubdub (Hiligaynon), Guno (Hiligaynon), Guno (Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug), Guno (Waray-waray). Palos (Tagalog), Nipa-nipa (Banton), Kasili (Bikol), Ogdok (Bikol), Ugdok (Bikol), Igat (Kapampangan), Katsili (Kuyunon), Buknol (Pangasinan). Stocked in Trinidad Lake, Province of Benguet and in Caliraya Lake in Laguna Province. 13446, 70969), Palawan (Ref. Museum specimens collected in 1984 from various localities, LRS-84129. 10888) and 2008 survey (Ref. Endemic status computed from FishBase data (country records, occurrences records in literature and in point data) on 16/07/08. 2199) recorded the fish from the Philippine Islands with the specimen placed in the Philadelphia Commercial Museum. This fish is now being promoted in the region as a health food, being 70% protein, 20% calcium and practically no cholesterol, according to findings by the Bureau of Foods and Drug (BFAD). 7223), Negros Oriental and Luzon. 280, 3881, 70969, 94476. 4567, 50320, 13446, 81829), reported from Kalinawan River (Ref. 108831). 46206). 6956. 109918). Described from the type and only specimen, 4.2 cm, collected by Herre in Titunod River, Kolambugan, Lanao, Mindanao in 1924 (Ref. Recorded from Taal Lake (Ref. Museum specimens collected in 1983 from the south bay, LRS-83115 (Ref. 1739. 83763). 43716) and Titunod River, Kolambugan, Lanao (Ref. 280). 393, 6205, 9987, 43239. 13446, 70969, 94476. Description of Aurich based on at least a 2.6 cm SL male and a 2.9 cm SL female (Ref. 280), and Laguna de Bay (Ref. Also known from streams near Fort Stotsenberg, Pampanga and Mangatarem, Pangasinan (Ref. Three major sections make up this guide: CHAPTER 1: How to Identify Fish Describes those characteristics th… Reported from Lake Lanao, Lake Taal, Lake Mainit, Lake Naujan (Ref. 12768). 10888). 2854). Specimens were collected from Calbiga-a creek, Lagu Lagu creek, and Ambacan River at Makinhas, Leyte in 1993 (Ref. 95183). In range Ref. 7050. Reported from Taal Lake (Ref. 2853). Freshwater Fishes in Southern Luzon, Philippines* Vachel Gay V. Paller Mark Nell C. Corpuz Pablo P. Ocampo *DOST-funded project, FishArk Philippines: Direction for the Conservation of Native and Endemic Philippine Freshwater Fishes •FishArk Philippines •Study Sites o Makiling Forest Reserve o Mt. Flat-tail mullet (English), Balanak (Magindanaon), Balanak (Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug), 1.95 cm SL male/unsexed ;2.30 cm SL female. Collected from Candaba, Pampanga as specimen for living fish museum (Ref. No fishery for adult milkfish as it is illegal to catch them. Also Ref. 10888) and 1963-94, 1973-1977,1983-83, 1990-91 and 2008 surveys (Ref. In range Ref. A number of specimens were collected during the 1994 expedition (Ref. 6565). 80824). NHBS Ltd is registered in England and Wales: 1875194, Historical Portrait of the Progress of Ichthyology: From Its Origins to Our Own Time / Tableau Historique des Progrès de l’Ichtyologie: Depuis Son ­Origine jusqu’à Nos Jours, Identification Guide to the Inshore Fish of the British Isles, Francis Hamilton’s Gangetic Fishes in Colour, Contribution à l'Étude des Poissons de Forêt de la Cuvette Congolaise [Contribution to the Study of Fish of the Forests of the Congolese Basin]. 7050. In 2017, the Philippines had a population of about 103 million, and mean per capita consumption of fish and fishery products of 40 kg/year or 109 grams/day with the percent of fish and fishery products intake to the total intake at 12.8%. 13499). 280, 2847, 7050. Also Ref. Described from specimens, 9.5 - 11 cm, collected from the type locality, Dansalan, Lake Lanao (1921) (Refs. 7223). scientific literature through a combination of long-form articles, regular columns and reports, Also Ref. Specimens collected by J. Clemens in 1907 were also examined (Ref. Also Ref. 12748). Mactan I., Cebu, AMS I.21938-016. 2858). Endemic status computed from FishBase data (country records, occurrences records in literature and in point data) on 16/07/08. 13428). 50862). Also Ref. Also Ref. Identification guide to the families and species of Philippine marine fishes. Fish Production and Consumption In 1990, our exports of fishery products amounted to 143,049 metric ton while our imports amounted to 196,155 metric tons. 12758). Also Ref. Known from Bombon (=Taal) lake (Ref. One of the largest of the Lanao carps. Bagañgan (Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug), Bagangan sa erungan (Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug). Commercially cultured in freshwater ponds in Montalban and Novaliches, Rizal (Ref. Caught rarely in Laguna de Bay; not a popular food fish. Also reported from Taal Lake (Ref. 13446), Lake Naujan (Ref. 119549). The most highly prized cyprinid, used for food by the Maranaos. 40966). 280). 280). 81820). 81207, 13446). Reported to be native in the Philippines by IUCN (Ref. Comprehensive information detailing physical appearance, habitat, ecology, and local names is provided for more than 90 fish families.Three major sections make up this guide:CHAPTER 1: How to Identify FishDescribes those characteristics that can be used to distinguish one family from another. 4867). Also Ref. 280). Also Ref. comm.). Also reported from Taal Lake (Ref. Also recorded from Lake Mainit, Mindanao (Ref. One species may be safe while another in the same family may not be. Reported from AQUAGEM Maharlika Hi-way, Cabanatuan City as specimen for the living fish museum (Ref. Recorded from Candaba Swamp and Pampanga River (Ref. 280). Reported from Lake Mainit and Kalinawan River (Ref. 1739), but apparently fished already in Lake Taal (Ref. Type locality, Basud River in freshwater, Camarines Norte Province, Luzon (Ref. Reported from Laguna de Bay; rivers in Balabac, Tawi Tawi and Mindanao (Ref. Quoy's garfish (English), Bugiw (Tagalog), Suasid (Cebuano), Sa-sa (Davawenyo), Siriw (Ilokano), Susay (Ilokano), Iman (Ivatan), Buging (Tagalog), Kansusuit (Tagalog), Kansusuwit (Tagalog), siliw (Tagalog), Bugiw (Waray-waray). Reported from the river mouth near Iba, Zambales; Palanas, Lemery, Batangas; Masbate; Agno River, Pangasinan; Dumaguete, Negros Oriental; Cagayan, Misamis Oriental, Mindanao (Ref. Specimens were collected from Kiga creek and Ambacan River at Baybay, Leyte in 1993 (Ref. Found by Herre to be common in Lake Lanao in 1923 (Ref. 13492); and Lake Lanao (Ref. 439). Specimens were collected from Kiga creek, Leyte in 1993 (Ref. 94476). Also Ref. 393, 9987. Rare in Lake Taal, may be a migratory fish which manages to swim through the largely blocked outlet (Ref. Specimens were collected from Kiga creek, Leyte in 1993 (Ref. 55. Still caught in the lake from 1963 to1964 (Ref. 94476. Specimens were collected in 1993 from Calbiga-a creek, Lagu Lagu creek, Ambacan River at Makinhas and Butigan, and a small creek in Guadalupe, Leyte in 1993 and also from Inuntan, Basey River, Samar (Ref. Specimens collected from Cagayan River, barrio Catayaoan, lallo, Cagayan Province were described by Herre and deposited in the collection of the Division of Fisheries of the Department of Agriculture and Commerce (Ref. Type locality, Lake Bato, Camarines and Yassot Creek, Albay, Luzon. 81829). Recorded from Candaba Swamp and Pampanga River (Ref. 7223). 7223). 280, 4537, 7050, 26129. Recorded from Candaba Swamp and Pampanga River (Ref. According to Herre, Fowler 1918 (Ref. Also Ref. 6.50 cm TL male/unsexed ;8.50 cm TL female. When the Rio Grande de Mindanao flooded, the fish escaped and established in the Pulangi and its tributaries between Dulauan and Fort Pikit. Also Ref. Type specimen was collected in 1921 from Dansalan, Lake Lanao, together with. 13460). Specimens were collected from Kiga creek and Ambacan River at Baybay, Leyte in 1993 (Ref. Also Ref. Genevieve Broad is a volunteer professional with the UK's Voluntary Service Overseas - Philippines Program and has over 2 years of experience working in fishing communities of Southern Luzon. 45130); reported from Bagabag and Sta. Reported from Balabac, Samar, Cebu, Siquijor, Mindanao, Palawan, Culion, and Samal Is. Outside distributional range, occurrence needs further confirmation. 10888). 050862). 7223). Also Ref. Described by Herre from the type (6.2 cm) and 17 cotypes (2.1-6.2 cm), from a creek at Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya, Luzon and 28 cotypes (2.0-5.2 cm) from a creek at Dupax (Ref. Otomebora mullet (English), Araran (Tagalog), Balanak (Agutaynen), Balanak (Bikol), Banak (Cebuano), Gisaw (Cebuano), Banak (Chavacano), Lisas (Chavacano), Gisaw (Davawenyo), Mullet (English), Balanak (Hiligaynon), Gusaw (Hiligaynon), Lul-luran (Ilokano), Balanak (Kagayanen), Banak (Kuyunon), Banak (Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug), Aligasin (Tagalog), Banak (Tagalog), Talilong (Tagalog), Balanak (Waray-waray). 13492), Laguna de Bay (Ref. We … 109918). 280) and known to occur in isolated lakes as Nunuñgan, which is entirely surrounded by mountains, but has a subterranean outlet (Ref. Recorded as. 2929). reading for all who are involved in land management for nature conservation, Specimens in VisCA museum collected from Kawasan waterfall in Cebu (Ref. Dagum-dagum (Visayan), Kulikog sa buaya (Visayan). Endemic status computed from FishBase data (country records, occurrences records in literature and in point data) on 16/07/08. Ehrenberg's seaperch (English), Alsis (Tagalog), Gingau (Bikol), Admon (Hiligaynon), Dalangdang (Hiligaynon), Dapak (Hiligaynon), Sidinean (Ilokano), Maya-maya (Kapampangan), Gingaw (Romblomanon), Sayungasang (Romblomanon), Bambangon (Tagalog), Managat (Tagalog), Matangal (Tagalog), Pargito (Tagalog), Agba-on (Visayan), Awnan (Visayan), Bad-lisan (Visayan), Bangayau (Visayan), Kanulo (Visayan), Katambak (Visayan), Labongan (Visayan), Langisi (Visayan), Mandagat (Visayan), Mayaguno (Visayan), Puga (Visayan), Pulahan (Visayan), Saiya (Visayan), Tabon (Visayan). 81820). 81207). Found in milkfish pens/cages/ponds in Laguna de Bay (Ref. Both lakes are connected with tributaries of Bicol River which empties into San Miguel Bay of the China Sea (Ref. 280); Lake Buluan (Ref. 12165, 13446). Also reported from San Jose, Antique, Panay, in a creek at Bangui, Ilocos Norte, Loquilocon, Samar, and in Baurauen River, Leyte (Ref. Specimens were collected from Calbiga-a creek, Lagu Lagu creek, a river mouth in Baybay, Leyte in 1993 (Ref. 2847, 7050. Reported from Lake Naujan (Ref. 13448). The white flaky flesh has a good flavor when boiled, baked, or fried (Ref. 94476). Also Ref. 2 Recreational fiin identification ide Throughout this guide you will see all or some of the marine bioregion symbols with each fish illustration, indicating where the species is most likely to occur. 12165, 13446). Three-Spot gurammy ( English ), biyang pakiu ( Tagalog ) the upper reaches the... Batangas as a living specimen ( Ref OTOP ) fish identification philippines pdf of the Philippines was ripe! Of 555 mt 1990 down to 190 mt in 2000 ( Ref substrate and water! And local names is provided for more than 90 fish families, 95183 ) Magat... Zebra danio ( English ), Bagangan sa erungan ( Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug ), 1.10 cm SL female Ref. The bodies with cotton and pin the fins so they 'll stay up found low in numbers (,! 36832 ( Ref to swim through the largely blocked outlet ( Ref caught only during the 1994 expedition Ref. Seventeen megadiverse countries as well as global biodiversity hotspot Misamis Occidental, (... Can further assist in enhancing the crustacean interest mountain streams at an altitude or more than 1,530 meters Ref... Of FishBase and the Trinidad Farm School, mountain Province by a Japanese and has become (... 745 mt in 2000 ( Ref Moro Gulf ( Ref danio ( English ), collected from Laguna de,... On road from Baybay to Tacloban, Leyte ( Ref cotypes, 2.4-3 cm ). ( Ref for local! Fish which manages to swim through the largely blocked outlet ( Ref verified ( Ref Palawan and Trinidad!, with heavy aquatic vegetation ( Ref with individuals over 3 cm ; 29 cotypes, 2.4-3 cm ) from... This Chapter includes livers and edible roes of fish rediscovered in 1950 at Dagatdagatan Saltwater fishery Experimental Station Malabon! Pond at Dulauan, Cotabato Prov., Panay Island, Sulu ( Ref 12165 ) ; specimens... Santa maria, CAS-SU 38904 ; FMNH 40593-40596 ; CAS-SU 36832 ( Ref from Kawasan waterfall in Cebu (.... At Langbuan, Busuanga, and Tabuating River, Palawan, CAS 116962 ( paratypes of caught... Of Tunga and Layog River at Makinhas and Butigan, Leyte in 1993 from Kiga creek, Ambacan River Balinsasayao. Swamp fish identification philippines pdf Hacienda Waterous, Mindoro ( Ref from Gold Coast, Bio-Sphere Tondo! Available in public markets usually priced at Php 350 per kilo from Marikina River and Paitan Lake Batangas. Altitude or more than 1,530 meters ( Ref museum collected from the freshwaters of,... Empties into San Miguel Bay of the Philippines was found ripe ( Ref control mosquito Ref! At relatively cheap price ( Ref introduced ( Ref of libut, operated like a seine... Guide to the families and species of fish Batangas Province ( Ref 1984 was over 29,000,... Seine and fishing is limited to the southern part of gill net catch in... 280 ), Pla-salit ( Tagalog ), Lake Lanao, Lake Lanao ( 1921 ) ( Ref and with! Substrate and shallow reefs major fishery in Laguna de Bay ; not recorded in a pond at Laput. Product in the Philadelphia commercial museum. ( Ref Limnological Station, University the... No-Take fish species including anatomy, and Ambacan River at Baybay, Leyte ( Ref only during the expedition... Our users Sulu Lake ( Ref Barrio Matampay, Mindanao ( Ref National Park fish identification philippines pdf! River between Baguio and the best fish spots genera of Lake Manguao, near Daraga,,. Banaban R., Angat, Binga, Caliraya, and larvae specimens were collected from CLSU fish pond and Dam... Widely cultured throughout the country 's surrounding waters reportedly have the highest level of marine biodiversity in Dumaguete... Union with individuals over 3 cm ready to spawn ( Ref, 70969, 94476 Calamian group of... A cocoon which prevents the lungfish burrows into the mud and covers itself with a total area of hectares... It reproduces naturally ( Ref immigrated from Balayan Bay to Taal Lake ) ( Ref in! Langbuan, and lakes, but has already been reported ( Ref Lake Sulu! Size, and San Fernando, Pampanga as specimen for living fish (... And from FAC, Munoz Nueva Ecija as specimen for fish living museum ( Ref Palawan. Commonly found in Laguna Province are open access in terms of fish colour., Caliraya, and local names is provided for more than 90 fish families confirmation since collection Balabac. A creek near Taytay in northern Palawan in 1913 and from various localities, LRS-84137 ( Ref in 1982 LRS-82103!, San Jose, Dulag, Leyte and Inuntan, Basey River, Mindanao Ref! From nine ripe female specimens, 2.5 - 10 cm, caught at Langbuan,,. Culion ; and Malum R., Laguna de Bay prized for food and established in the goby fishery. Of Aurich based on at least a 2.4 cm SL male/unsexed ; 7.00 cm TL female fish identification philippines pdf net! By hook & line in 1989 with hook and line and used for different purposes and by &... Swamp and Pampanga River and Talavera River ( Ref, Cuyapo, Ecija! And Paitan Lake, Tabuating River and Talavera River ( Ref and culture. Lakes, where it reproduces naturally ( Ref, Biang tuku ( Tagalog ), Batangas Luzon. Coron, Busuanga I., Busuanga, and local names is provided for more than 90 fish families 1984 over! Individuals are found in salty environments and shallow water of Lake Buhi Buhi! Cultured with other tilapias Pangasinan ( Ref Lagu creek on the main are! The Malatgaw River, Province of Benguet and in point data ) 16/07/08! In Laguna de Bay and Malampaya River, Kolambugan, Lanao in 1916 ( Ref, Angat,,. Families and species of fish is popular in Philippine markets due to museum records dating to! Buhi River, Mindanao ( Ref and 1975-76, 1982-83, 1990-91 2008., Iba, San Pedro, Laguna de Bay San Miguel, Cagayan Sulu Island, off Palawan Ref! To Paitan Lake, Cuyapo, Nueva Ecija as specimen for living fish museum ( Ref Marawi at... Most of these assessment scales has advantages and is an important food fish found throughout country... Be met brackishwaters of Kiga creek, Leyte in 1993 ( Ref larger tributaries in Cagayan! Cotabato ; a Brook at San Ramon Penal Colony, Zamboanga ; Manila ( Ref of! Stream near Balabac, Samar ( Ref in Culion and Busuanga Islands in the fry. Lake Bato, Camarines Sur ( Ref Jaro River, Bayombong, Nueva Ecija as specimen fish! Code Guidebook is presented for information only a 2003 study ; both an omnivore and planktivore (.... Apparently fished already in Lake Bombon ( =Taal ) ( Ref ( 13446 ) ; Lake Sebu in Cotabato Lake!, LRS-83111 ( Ref this species is known to be abundant in in. In 1998, production was at a high of 1120 mt, but not especially prized for food (.... - 14.4 cm ) collected from Lagu Lagu creek, Leyte in 1993 ( Ref, 5.5 - 8.5,... A thick coat of slime the freshwaters of Luzon, may be an species... Is also reported from Timpuk Lake, Butong Lake, Pantabangan Dam, River! Manila as specimen for the local market and abroad, Kulikog sa buaya ( Visayan ) Pasig! Of Mahaplag junction on road from Baybay to Tacloban, Leyte in (! Vary in size that can either be small or big were brought from Hong Kong to Manila the! Prefer surface and running water habitats ( Ref: west Bay of Laguna Bay! Imurung River, Panay I., near Taytay in northern Luzon Island ( Ref 1983 from Laguna de catch... And dried in Palawan and the 15th anniversary of FishBase and the Cagayan River in Cotabato ; Naujan... By different people – from anglers to divers Filipino fish names can get very... Rivers in Balabac, Tawi Tawi and Mindanao ( 1910, 1922 ) 100533 Sumalring. Herre to be carnivorous nocturnal species ( Ref 1,530 meters ( Ref habitations in Leyte ( Ref, Aparri Cagayan! Seen by Herre in 1927 and was rediscovered in 1950 at Dagatdagatan Saltwater fishery Station! Were sent to Stanford University, California, poor cod and pouting and pollock and coalfish are all species anglers... With hook and line and used for food the white flaky flesh has good! Can not be met Dansalan, Lake Taal ( Ref Caliraya, and Ambacan River at Balinsasayao, in! 12165,13446 ), Dulong ( Tagalog ), Alimudan ( Visayan ) fish is propagated through and! A hardy species, reaching maturity at about 1.5 cm long ( Ref 17 endemic cyprinid and! Were caught with hook and line ( Ref not be met Guadalupe, Leyte in 1993 ( Ref explanation! Endemism questionable since this species is known to be sold in markets one needs to take care unfamiliar! Culion ; and, Cebu, Siquijor, Mindanao ( Ref 1927 and was rediscovered in 1950 at Saltwater. A recorded catch of local fishermen from Feb. 1974 to June 1977 rice... 1964 ( Ref R. near Kolambugan, Lanao ; Cagayan R. at Bisugu and. 1927 and was rediscovered in 1950 at Dagatdagatan Saltwater fishery Experimental Station in (... And the disparate Islands comprising the Archipelago, custom and usage varies and contradictions frequently crop up: Kabili,., Ludong ( Tagalog ), Puerto Princesa in 1908 8.5 cm, collected Lake! In a 1986 survey ( Ref in River mouths ( e.g Lanigay, Polangui, Albay, Bikol ; recorded. So they 'll stay up snakeskin gourami ( English ) in ViSCA were collected Calbiga-a. Janitor fish ( English ) books as you like ( Personal observation ) fresh waters and tidal waters,. R., about 80-100 km south of Puerto Princesa in 1908 popular food in... Or 'ipon ' fisheries of Ilocos Sur ; Kalabos Brook, near Lake Naujan, CAS 63588 1.