The five new bus models are: the new road bus Paradiso 1350, which complements the Generation 7 buses; the intercity Ideale, and the city buses Novo Torino Express (articulated), Novo Torino Low Entry (low floor) and the Novo Torino with rear engine. Length 6x2 – 14.000 . It was launched in 1984 and continues in production to this day. > Works on 1.37.x – 1.38.x Paradiso New G7 1800 DD. Paradiso New G7 1800 DD. September 5, 2020. Marcopolo`s aim is to offer a vehicle with advantages such as comfort and design (New Marcopolo DNA ), and ease of operation. With a length of up to 13.3 m and 2.60 m in width, it allows the installation of extra seats with no loss in the circulation area or in the inner space. Designed to offer even more comfort, safety and ergonomics for passengers, the vehicle is 50 mm wider than the current model and features a new design, with LED turning lights, new front grill (Hive standard), injected lower  bars in front bumper and fog light as optional item. > with Beautiful skins Search for used paradiso 1800 dd g7. Designed and developed by Marcopolo`s engineering – in its Ana Rech unit, in Caxias do Sul - the new model is the first to offer the new seats manufactured by Marcopolo, which are more ergonomic and comfortable, in addition to new interior linings, reading lights and new toilet design. Standalone truck – Advanced coupling – Animation of cables – Added plastic accessories – New paint system – Add open window For game version 1.38, 50Keda, Anaheim, Mr. Moland, Shery0, MDModding, One cab Your own interior, Four chassis Two engines (each with its own sound), Own wheels Tuning Skins (some skins are linked to tuning). Registro feito em Dez/2019 … All chassis and cabs, 8 engines, 4 gearboxes are available. Marcopolo G7 Paradiso 1800DD bus VR / AR / low-poly 3d model. Marcopolo extends its line of road and intercity buses and launches the new Ideale. Interior LED lighting, ergonomic City seats with new headrests (offered as an option item) that facilitate passengers` movement, and seats with high backrests, also offered as an option. Two chassis are offered – a single front axle and one with tandem front wheels. Volare - dedicated to the development, production and commercialization of the V5, V6, V8, W8, and W9 models of the School bus, Municipal, Tourism/Freight, Easy Access and Mobile Unit sectors. ECCP09 17,338 views. 3 159. Paradiso New G7 1800 Double Decker supplied to Viação Garcia is the first to be equipped… 07 de July de 2015 MARCOPOLO LAUNCHES FIVE NEW BUS MODELS … Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1050. MARCOPOLO NEW G7 1800 DD 6X2/8X2 1.36.X BUS. The launches of the Torino Express, Torino Low Entry and Torino (Rear Engine) completes Marcopolo`s line of its Torino city buses, which has been the most successful one ever in the Brazilian market. > Original Interior Marcopolo. The new models, along with the traditional model with front engine, extend choices for urban public transportation operators, ranging from a vehicle with low operating costs for severe applications to more sophisticated models designed for public transportation needs, and from conventional service to the BRT system. It also features a new bell system (Stop Button) (cordless), being all these items according to current legislation. Paintable AO baked Sound Marcopolo with Beautiful skins Acquire Dealer Scania Works 1.39x Credits: LINUX, JOZZ, LUIS Y POSSATO DOWNLOAD MARCOPOLO_G7_PARADISO_1800_DD_1.38.rar – 90.1 MB Developed for application in the most modern mass transit systems in major urban centers,  the bus is among the most advanced models ever manufactured in Brazil. It’s 15 meters (49 ft) long, 2.6 meters (8.5 ft) wide, and 4.2 meters (13.7 ft) tall. Germiston Factory. Marcopolo BioSafe. Bus mod Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD for ETS 2 v.ETS2: 1.11. Support for advanced coupling Support for DLC Cabin Accessories. > AO baked You will get custom cabin design, passenger seating design, steering design with some different bus outer skins enjoy the bus mod in any map you need. With a total length of 20 to 23 meters, the Torino Articulated Express bus has been designed to suit both systems, basic segregated lanes and BRT system. SEND MESSAGE. Enter the message. Coach Commuter Midi Bus Special Projects. In all transmissions, the delay when shifting gears in automatic mode is reduced, which significantly reduces the loss of torque and speed when shifting to another gear and reduces the acceleration time of the truck. Marcopolo has, since 2008, launched more than 100 new bus models across the world. Lanzamiento Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD y 1600 LD. - the site is designed and customized according to the wishes of players and developers. Diciembre 2020 The Torino with rear engine has the same technical features as  the Novo Torino with front engine. To provide extra accessibility, the Torino Express has five priority seats for seniors,  pregnant women and/or people with disabilities, automatic lift, and dedicated space for wheelchair users. Developed towards offering the highest standards of safety and comfort, the Paradiso 1800 DD is the sum of sophistication, ample internal space and technology. DESCRIPTION > Original Interior Marcopolo. Acess A Marcopolo. Paradiso New G7 1800 Double Decker supplied to Viação Garcia is the first to be equipped…, MARCOPOLO LAUNCHES FIVE NEW BUS MODELS TO STIMULATE BRAZILIAN MARKET DEMAND. According to Corso, the Novo Torino models Torino Articulated Express, Torino Rear Engine and Torino Low Entry allow the company to offer options for basic segregated bus lanes and BRT systems. On average, it is about one new bus model launched per month. The model can be equipped with air-conditioning, seats with headrest, armrest and foot rest, in addition to garbage bins in the passengers` compartment. Developed towards offering the highest standards of safety and comfort, the Paradiso 1800 DD is the sum of sophistication, ample internal space and technology. The Torino Low Entry features a sturdy design, high reliability and excellent cost/benefit ratio. All tuning, which is available from zero level and has a very affordable price tag. > Acquire Dealer Scania, LINUX, JOZZ, LUIS Y POSSATO Oct 18, 2020 - Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 Dd 8X2 8X4 V1.9 mod for ETS2 1.35.x. Description: Original Interior Marcopolo. The model features modern design and technology favoring functionality, comfort and safety, with redesigned multiplex system, dashboard with 3.5” color LCD display and air conditioning system offered as an option. The engines are fully tuned, torque curves, engine braking revolutions and power mode, engine sounds from Robinicus are described in detail, fuel consumption is reduced (you can press the trigger on the trigger to the average consumption at high speeds of 30 liters per 100 km). Width 2.600. ... New G7 1800 DD. For extra safety, it can also receive fleet management system, internal Led lighting system, and audiovisual equipment  (19-inch LCD monitors) and back up siren. Marcopolo launched in July five new bus models. The Torino line comprises four different models: Torino front engine, Torino Rear Engine, Torino Low Entry, and Torino Articulated Express. The chassis and cockpit collisions are modified to easily overcome off-road conditions, without jams and without taking damage (at a reasonable speed). It features seating capacity for up to 90 passengers (49 seated passengers and 41 standing passengers), in addition to priority seats for people with disabilities, seniors and/or pregnant women, one seat for an obese person and one securement wheelchair area. The driver's station has also been redesigned, with a wide area in the dashboard, in addition to a console with object-holder. Download this Marcopolo G7 1800 Bus Mod and enjoy another Marcopolo bus with double-deck 6×2 sleeper/seater along with the passenger in it. > Sound Marcopolo MARCOPOLO PARADISO G7 1800 DD 8X2 Bus. All tuning, which is available from zero level and has a very affordable price tag. > Paintable > AO baked > Sound Marcopolo ... cabs, 8 engines, 4 gearboxes are available. - 1.36. 2017-07-10. Developers place their own modifications, and players upload and use them. Lines for medium and long distances, as well as the tourism segment. Paradiso New G7 1800 DD. Marcopolo Viale BRT. Enter your phone number. 12, 18 high-speed and 8-speed transmissions have the main pairs 4.10 and 6.33, respectively, which positively affects the transmission of torque to the drive wheels. > Paintable Add to wish list Remove from wish list. Width 2.600. Marcopolo G7 Paradiso 1800DD bus Low-poly 3D model. Loading and unloading passengers is also faster, including passengers with reduced mobility and wheelchair users. The Ideale has been designed based on the latest manufacturing concepts: optimization of its structure with better utilization of the internal space, higher structural rigidity, more comfort, safety, ergonomics and lower operating cost. Send your price offer to the author if you want to buy it at lower price. Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD. 2:16 ¡PARECE UN AUTOBÚS REGULAR DESDE FUERA, PERO NO CREERÁS LO QUE HAY DENTRO DE ÉL! Marcopolo Paradiso 1800 DD G7 / Scania / ETM - Duration: 2:16. Model: 1800 DD. In the passengers` compartment, the vehicle features new decoration and a new floor  divided into removable panels and  cantilevered-feet seats,  which allows repairs to the floor without removing the seats. Expresso Itamarati 6801 Marcopolo Paradiso New G7 1800 DD Mercedes-Benz O-500RSD Blue Tec 5 Linha: Santa Fé do Sul - São Paulo. Marcopolo; Ciferal - was focused on urban operations, defunct brand. ETS2 - Marcopolo G7 Volvo 6x2 Bus V2.0 (1.36.x) 2019-12-30 09:50:02 ETS2 - Bus Mods 1.36.x 331 Download 1223 Views One of the most realistic bus mods of ets2, it has realistic cabine and interior, real sound, many options, skins, tested on 1.36. In 2009, during the global economic crisis, Marcopolo launched its Generation 7 of road buses, which has been very successful in Brazil and abroad, with high levels of exports. Paradiso New G7 1800 DD; Paradiso New G7 1600 LD; ... Tell your company. Adds 15 skins of Brazilian companies to mod Marcopolo Paradiso 1800 G7 DD 8×2 and 8×4 by … Royalty Free License. MARCOPOLO G7 1800 DD 6X2X4 – SCANIA 1.38. September 5, 2020. MARCOPOLO NEW G7 1800 DD 6X2/8X2 – 14/15 MTS – SCANIA K400/440IB Working without bugs in version 1.35.x – 1.36.x – Multiple engine and transmission options – Multiple chasis 6×2 / 8×2 – Exclusive cabin and door animations – South American Company Skins Copyright © 2020,, All Rights Reserved, OPEN SIDE TRAILER V1.0 FOR ETS2 MULTIPLAYER 1.37 AND 1.38. Marcopolo extends its Torino city bus line. This results in a lower service cost and ease of cleaning, which also applies in all body linings. Thanks to the modification, you can familiarize yourself with the new Marcopolo Paradiso G7 bus. Model available for download in # format Visit CGTrader and browse more than 500K 3D models, including 3D print and real-time assets Marcopolo has developed, for this model, a new insulation system for the engine hood which, combined with its location on the rear, reduces considerably the noise level inside the bus, not to mention the ambient temperature in the passengers` compartment. This is not the first time that the Company, going contrary to the overall direction of the market, has invested and launched new bus models in period or low demands. It’s largest and most luxurious coach is the Paradiso 1800 DD G7. “Our aim is to offer our partners the best solution, the one they need for their business/service, from the Torino with front engine (which is the model with the lowest cost in terms of acquisition and operation) to the Torino Articulated Express (with seating capacity for more than 130 passengers)” says Paulo Corso, Commercial Operations Director of Marcopolo. Paradiso New G7 1800 DD. The Novo Torino Express features wider internal width (2.55 m), with ample room for passengers to move around, in addition to more comfort and security for drivers. A new important feature is its thermal acoustic comfort. Find Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Scania for sale on Machinio. The bus has been developed to meet operators` needs in middle and long distance trips. 1 / 16. These new models include buses especially designed for other markets and countries, as well as models for Brazilian cities, mainly BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) buses. Description: – independent bus model – hiqh quality 3D model – hiqh quality detailed interior – hiqh quality detailed exterior – passangers seats – passangers added in the bus Something new something unique for ETS2 1.37/1.38 game. See more 360º Tour . DESCRIPTION > Original Interior Marcopolo. Thank you! These attributes are recognized by operators/entrepreneurs in the urban passenger transport sector. Authors: LINUX, … The goal is to help increase sales in this period of weak demand by launching state-of-the-art vehicles that are safer and more comfortable and thus stimulate Brazilian customers to renew their fleets so that they can boost efficiency and productivity. > Paintable > AO baked > Sound Marcopolo > with Beautiful skins > Works on 1.37.x – 1.38.x > Acquire Dealer Scania. Marcopolo Paradiso New G7 1800 DD MAN RR4 CO 26.480 Enlaces Terrestres Nacionales Tlaquepaque, Jal. Lanzamiento Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD y 1600 LD. Paradiso New G7 1800 DD. Marcopolo Paradiso is an intercity bus body, suitable for medium and long distances [1], manufactured by the company Gaucho Marcopolo. The Paradiso 1350 complements the family of Generation 7 Buses -  Viaggio 900, Viaggio 1050, Paradiso 1050, Paradiso 1200, Paradiso 1600 Low Driver and Paradiso 1800 Double Decker - and offers the same features of the other models  of Generation 7, such as superior level of comfort, safety and ergonomics for passengers,  in addition to its futuristic finish and bold design, which identify the Company as a manufacturer of buses for passengers transportation. It is a bus designed for the intercity and chartering segments, and also regular lines of short and medium distances. ACTUALIZACIÓN: BUSOLOGAMES, man f90 3 cabines refaite 2 interieurs : haut /std badges moteur son moteur euro6/klaxon euro6 ce mod est libre de toutes modifications good play, In this Mod, Two Curtain Trailer Have Been Added, Which Include The Under: 1. open curtain trailer 2. open side curtain trailer, SCS Peterbilt 389 truck adapted from ATS to ETS2, What’s new: – Update sounds for 1.38. x -Removed outdated files -Reduced mod size -Fixed bugs in previous versions. Length 6x2 – 14.000 . To ensure extra thermal and acoustic comfort, the model has air inflator for the driver and the conductor, and new large window pane with a more efficient air capture system. Height 4.230. Would you like to access our catalog? The Torino Express has been designed to offer comfort and safety to passengers, lower operating and maintenance costs for the operator when compared with models for BRT systems, in addition to improved ergonomics and convenience for drivers and conductors. With adding-value features, the model was developed as an addition to its already well-known road line – Paradiso, Viaggio, Audace and Senior to complement the already conceptualized road line, with the models Paradiso, Viaggio, Audace and Senior. Paradiso New G7 1600 LD. Register your email below. Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1800 DD 8×2 + Interior v1.0 (1.25.x) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game. Lines for medium and long distances, as well as the tourism segment. Comfortable Physics Mod good handling and brakes allow you to comfortably travel at speeds from 120 km / h to 150 km / h. Modified fines: speeding tickets are disabled, all other fines for traffic violations work. Marcopolo Paradiso 1800DD G7 8x2 / Scania / Eme Bus - YouTube MARCOPOLO NEW G7 1800 DD 6X2/8X2 – 14/15 MTS – SCANIA K400/440IB Working without bugs in version 1.35.x – 1.36.x – Multiple engine and transmission options – Multiple chasis 6×2 / 8×2 – Exclusive cabin and door animations – South American Company Skins A two-story vehicle, although originally from Brazil, but still fell on the European roads ETS 2. ETS2 - Skoda Karoq Car Mod V2.0 (1.35.X) - Curios_Madman say; " çok iyi ama renk sapıtıyo arabanın knk " - (2020-12-29 19:14:55) 1 +1. Ideale, your choice for intercity and charter bus lines. Paradiso New G7 1600 LD. MARCOPOLO G7 1800 DD 6X2X4 – SCANIA 1.38. Updated November 1, 2020. Because of its Low-Entry feature, the Torino with rear engine also makes access easier for passengers, without the need of a lift for users with reduced mobility or for wheelchair users. It meets all the requirements of current transportation systems in the country and abroad, and is equipped with air suspension and low-floor, providing easy access for all passengers without the need of a lift. It also features new rear and front lights including daylight, which provides more security in urban transit. Enter your email. The competitive edges of the Marcopolo Paradiso 1350  includes wider space for luggage - 1,350 cm side skirt and  the largest volumetric capacity of the market, with more than 20.5 cubic meters;  new interior design,  new seats, reading light  sets and toilet.