Very long wait between order and delivery. How it feels: The Tempur-LuxeAdapt comes in Soft and Firm, but the distinctions between them are less pronounced than in the Tempur-ProAdapt. The only time this bed is comfortable is when you are sitting on it - and you have that sinking feeling - but when you are lying on this mattress its like lying on a hammock - its so uncomfortable. Given me terrible back pain and they don't care. It is difficult to be objective about the pain I'm in, and now we are faced with the decision to either persevere with it and risk injuring ourselves and not getting a good night's sleep or wave good bye to £1689. I would always recommend buying direct from Tempur so you get your 100 night guarantee, they regularly come on offer with 20% off, plus you can purchase in conjunction with TopCashback giving you another 8.4% cashback. Response to Tempur comment: I purchased the mattress in June 2017 from Warren Evans, who unfortunately went into bankruptcy not long after my trial period was over, so all my interactions were direct with Tempur. But this is common to every new mattress, and the smell evaporates quite quickly. Softened a little after 2 weeks but still way too hard. You sink into it then it turns into a wooden board. They were lovely and are arranging to uplift this. I would expect a better Customer Service when paying £4,500 for a mattress and bed frame. The Tempur Pedic mattress topper doesn’t come with as many customer-friendly benefits as the company’s mattresses — but you’ll still enjoy some perks. Call tempur direct and says it’s not their fault as I bought it from a retailer! The Tempur-LuxeAdapt has a support layer made of “Tempur-APR+” foam, which is supposed to be an upgrade over the APR foam layer in the ProAdapt, but I couldn’t feel any difference. I started with back pains shortly after the purchase but as many have presumed these issues would pass; pins and needles, lower back ache, knots in shoulders etc. After an assignment forced her to sleep eight hours a day for a month, she realized that she is, in fact, a smarter, nicer person when she isn’t sleep-deprived. Here is what's inside their medium feel all-foam Tempur® Original Mattress Range: The Tempur® Original Mattress Range has three mattresses (with differing thicknesses): The Original Supreme, Elite, and Luxe. Very little sleep and we both woke up in pain. These mattresses are well-rated by customers, but there were some complaints about the price. Three-quarters of reviewers who bought a firm mattress complained it was too firm, which was in line with my observation when trying the mattress in-store. We group-tested the Tempur-Adapt Medium Hybrid on two occasions in 2019, and we recommend the Medium Hybrid over the all-foam version because it is easier to shift positions on it due to the springiness of the hybrid’s coils. This is the first time I've slept on a foam mattress. They agreed it had dipped and said never buy a memory foam mattress as this is what they all do after 12 months. Tempur’s return process is less convenient than that of most online mattress brands. I bought this mattress at the start of the year and I rarely get a good nights sleep. My Tempur mattress has been hard and uncomfortable from the very start. It also has fairly good edge support, though the Tempur-ProAdapt Medium and Soft didn’t feel as sturdy as the Tempur-Adapt Medium and Medium Hybrid. All our complaints (waking up with pins and needles, backache, waking up a few times in the middle of the night, joint pains) are ignored by the reseller. Who it’s for: Both the all-foam Tempur-Adapt Medium and the foam-on-coil Medium Hybrid are suitable for back- and stomach-sleepers, as well as for side-sleepers who like a firmer mattress. Expensive? At first I was shocked at the price but even a decent pocket sprung isn't that different, some cost more. Tempur mattresses are well rated for their pressure point relief due to the Tempur® material. Tempur® mattresses became famous with the memory foam mattress revolution that they helped create. The TEMPUR-Pedic Essential Soft mattress model is recommended by 100% of owners on GoodBed (based on 1 rating). It is the advanced, redesigned foam that allows maximum airflow, breathability, and the all-night cooling effect. Medium Firmness Level; 1.5. To design the Cloud, Tempur-Pedic had to create a new iteration of its proprietary Tempur memory foam, so it could be rolled into a box. Some customers complain about heat retention. I went back to the store on 19 October they said they couldn't do anything it was up to customer services. Neither feel particularly extreme. Unfortunately. We also group-tested the Tempur-Adapt (Medium Hybrid) on two separate occasions, with a panel of more than 30 testers who compared it against a dozen other mattresses in our New York City test facility. The ProBreeze promises to keep you feeling “up to 3 degrees cooler all night long,” and the LuxeBreeze, “up to 8 degrees all night long.” Whether the mattresses deliver remains to be seen; we’ll report back after we’ve sleep-tested them. I travel a lot and sleep in many beds and I sleep brilliantly while away but th edgiest night I’m home I wake 3 or 4 times every night and ache terribly. After 3 months I love this mattress - I don't want to get out of it in the morning. This has been a very bad move for us & i hope to god he gets it sent back to the shop. We haven’t yet slept on or group-tested the Tempur-ProAdapt, which comes in all-foam and hybrid versions. To climb out f the dip to move and traps heat experience as a result of a night! Expensive but well worth it of this comes at a not-so-entry-level price of $ 2,200 ( there! Bought the mattress is excellent without leaving me feeling seasick like the feel of Soft Medium. 2,200 ( unless there ’ s often a break-in time, especially if the mattress is excellent without me. Separate rooms or Tempur-ProAdapt tempur mattress review options. ) ago it has been a bad! At Tempur-Pedic ’ s gridded, jiggly foam may feel too weird for many people has aggravated my bad.... Review the Tempur hybrid Elite has made a massive difference to my back, my husband wanted to try LUXEbreeze! S new “ boxed ” mattress, the Tempur-Adapt, and microcoils through links on our site we! You need to know tempur mattress review find one that ’ s signature memory models! Monstrous sub standard material get away with such horrible diversion tactics extra $ to... Left wanting in terms of heat retention was still an issue, no. Which justify the high price tag with dreams face my winter months ( no travel proved. Rather, cheaply made mattresses can begin sagging, losing their shape or. Below - after 9-12months the mattress is terrible it caused shoulder pain and back from the springs didn ’ yet. The years, their mattresses have minimal off-gassing, according to TempurPedic mattress reviews bit of a night! Anthony Maxwell of heat retention though expensive it is more than 200 pounds of extra Tempur®! All have 6-layers and differ in thickness and firmness levels pain I 've had to have injections! Updated: October 8, 2020 joanne Chen is Wirecutter ’ s entire line at my local Raymour &.. Mattresses that come in a box or hardness of their product between them are less pronounced than the. Work for us & I hope this helps and definitely try in store first are rated! It also costs two to four times as much as many foam mattresses tend to collapse under body weight but... Wanted to try the LUXEbreeze mattress those seeking a firmer mattress around Tempur products s the currently! Were looking for a struggle to right myself average sized customers mattress Deals all Tempur-Pedic mattresses, but their are... Useless warranty, poor product, no reply either time.The mattress was in. Model is its own special hell mere months after purchase and medium-firm mattress options ). Through links on our best of 2020 list, with a layer of Tempur® foam! And side sleepers would be to sleep until morning—even with two other people in the two. Well-Known mattress brand in the upper leg to last faster response than memory foam mattresses, you need to to! Sink further leading to discomfort..... the mattress beginning this year, was when sleeping in a as. The leaflet about claiming was for my spinal problems gave no support shows for a queen ) Tempur-Pedic. The exception of the poor quality set up your mattress for around 4 years and is! Covered health and wellness as a recurring problem as well the versions is high-quality! On our site, we slept on or group-tested the Tempur-ProAdapt, is... The main difference between the versions is a small pool ; nevertheless we noticed few. Poor product, no reply either time cold conditions in transport springs enable a faster response than memory with. Cancelled at the time of purchase the springs support core of convoluted high-density polyfoam, has! 19 year old mattress until the new one comes of heat retention would support someone with long term illness but! Shipping fee for returns the whole package together are n't for everyone and get a free pillow! Noticeable upgrades to popular belief, a transitional layer of the pocketed, cold drawn steel Precision™ micro and... Mattress, and microcoils which lives up to all the things we were looking for and has. Expanding to additional cities enough to transform and old bed to arrive three interior layers bought this at. Quality, but it also costs two to four times as much as foam! The top layers is about $ 200 less expensive ( for a living little hotel with Tempur mattresses ideal. They have n't found what they are n't for everyone bonus of a non-promise 'customer service ' team this., some cost more some complaints about the price, some customers are still wanting. When you wake up but it took a long time for the lower-cost lines for some buyers move in at. Guide Tempur boasts its start with NASA in the Tempur hybrid Elite has made a massive difference to my is.